Understanding Your Warehouse Charges

Choosing to work with a 3PL (third party warehouse) or fulfillment warehouse is an ideal way to get your product to your customers in a low cost but professional way. Getting billed and not understanding why you are getting charged a certain cost can be less than ideal. A52 Warehouse Inc believes that it should be simple to understand where your charges are coming from and we aim to set our pricing up this way. With this series, we will provide insight on different contract costs that the warehousing industry sets.

Packing Materials

When product arrives at your customer’s door, you need to ensure that it is getting there without being damaged during transit and arrives in premium condition. This is also an important consideration when you’re shipping products direct to consumers through e-commerce.

Since we are in the warehouse business, the use of packing material like boxes, bubble wrap and tape are considered as costs. Our contracts include packing materials so you don’t have add packing materials as separate cost when estimating your warehousing costs. This makes pricing as simple as possible when getting a shipment out the door.

Each client we work with is different and requires custom solutions for their business. If your warehouse service needs are unique and don’t require boxes or other packing material, we happily evaluate this on a case-by-case bases.

It’s always best to ask and never assume anything when it comes to your warehousing service. Clarity is the end of confusion and we believe that transparency is critical to any long-term partnership. Be sure to look for packing material cost on your contract so you know where your charges are coming from.

The more you understand about your warehousing contract, the more you can anticipate the costs involved. We provide knowledge and insight on how to you are charged so you can continue to focus on all of the other important areas of your business.

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