Global Logistics Solutions

Our logistics Partners are the exclusive GSA for Cathay Pacific since 1989. a52 through its logistics Partners offers a full range of port-to-port and delivered products, from time-critical hand-carry and next-flight-out courier, to cost-effective hybrid e- commerce solutions.

Duty Free Fulfillment

At a52, we offer our US Ecommerce Fulfillment from Canada Solution, which can yield significant savings for brands who are facing steep duties on imported inventory they intend to sell online. Our solution utilizes both Section 321 of the US Customs Act and the Canadian Duty Relief Program. These are two independent programs from the United States and Canadian governments that, when utilized simultaneously, may result in relief from the unforeseen added costs to your supply chain.

Ocean and Air

Transporting your goods from Vendor to Fulfillment Center can be a complex and challenging process. With a52 and our Global Partners, we can provide competitive rates on ocean & air transport and make the entire transport process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Customs Clearance

Challenges continue at Ports of Entry all over the world. To alleviate some of those challenges, it is crucial that you run a tight process with clearing your shipments through customs. A52 and our Partnership Network have offices all over the world which can help this key element run smoothly and avoid delay.

Freight Management

Once your orders are fulfilled and on their way to their destination, it’s vital that you can provide full visibility on their in-transit location to the recipient. At a52, this is a fundamental part of the solution we provide. A52 also offers competitive freight rates for small parcel, LTL and FTL shipments to all our Partners, which benefit from the steep volume discounts we have from the carriers we work with.