Supply Chain Optimization

a52 will partner with you to identify the ideal network and best solutions to reduce time, cost, and efforts required to move products from Vendors to Customers.

Facility Planning

Launching your own operation is a complicated endeavour. At a52, we have implemented dozens of facilities over 20+ years of experience, always aligning to the changing times in supply chain. We will advise on efficient layout, automation, material handling equipment, sustainable packaging, and operational processes for your new facility. Leverage a52’s wealth of experience to plan the facility that will meet your business’ needs both now and in the future.

Distribution Network Analysis

We will partner with you to analyze all key elements of your supply chain – such as but not limited to – your factory locations, shipping lanes, port of entry, consumer demographics and regions. Taking this into account, we will identify the location, or locations, that are the best fit for your business’ distribution center.

Demand Planning

Effective demand planning requires knowledge and technology to accurately predict demand trends, and carries added benefits, such as heightened efficiency and enhanced consumer experience. At a52, we will collaborate with our partners to achieve a demand planning process that works for their business, with the clear objective of creating a balance between facility inventories and consumer demands.

Inventory Management

In the wake of Covid, inventory management is more challenging then ever. A52 will provide solutions for your businesses’ key concerns around aged inventory, inventory turns, and vendor accuracy. If needed, we will implement new inventory processes for managing your inventory, like cycle counting and slotting, to drive efficiencies and accuracy within your own facility.