Fulfillment Solutions

Our warehouse management system (WMS) coupled with highly trained staff offer efficient fulfillment solutions with high accuracy rate. Custom and sustainable packaging materials for a great customer experience.

High Touch Pick
and Pack

High touch fulfillment is a value-based, customer centralized process in which we take great attention to detail to meet your customers needs. Regardless of the size of the order or compliance requirements, a52’s focus is on the accurate and efficient turnaround to ensure we meet the demands of your business.

With over 25+ years in the logistics industry, a52 has an expert knowledge of multi-channel fulfillment. Whether your orders are being delivered to a leading retailer, independently owned business, or at the doorstep of a web consumer, it is all about brand experience, and with a52 we can ensure that experience creates value and exceeds expectations.

Technology Integration

Connecting your various systems, including your ERP, EDI and webstore, to our WMS is a key piece to making your Omni-Channel run smoothly. Our WMS is extremely flexible, allowing us to tailor and construct whatever it is you may need to run your business. Real-time ATS uploads to your webstore? No problem. End-of-Month Financial Summaries? You got it. Whatever the project is, just ask. We’ll be happy to provide

Value Added Services

The competitive nature of today’s retailers is in turn expecting more from their suppliers. To meet these expanding needs, a52 offers our clients postproduction value added services. Every day we execute projects for our clients that extended beyond standard order fulfillment; kitting, piece labelling, pre-packing, hang tags, and custom packaging. Whatever the request may be, feel confident that a52 will be able to execute and optimize the packaging and delivery of your product.

Reverse Logistics

At a52 we know the customer experience does not stop after the sale. Hassle-free shipping services are now expected by the end consumer, as such, reverse logistics has become an integral part of a52’s business. We will not only streamline the efficiency of your customers returns, but flex with increased
volume, and complete full quality control inspections on recovered inventory.

Considering the trend of returning goods continues to rise, plus the movement of consumers to e-commerce sites, it’s safe to say reverse logistics will continue to play a vital role. With a52 your returns process will always be professional, consistent, and reliable to provide your consumers with the best possible experience.

Inventory Control

Optimizing inventory management with accurate fulfillment and full transparency is a fundamental service of a52. Our WMS offers true visibility with real-time reporting on your inventory across all stages of the operation. Ensuring we are maintaining the optimal inventory storage that aligns with your growth is vital in the success of both our businesses, this will minimize cost, increase efficiencies, and support in making informed decisions about your product. A52’s inventory control gives our partners precise information about stock levels, demand forecasting, and inventory turnover. Our inventory management team includes high-level supervision and dedicated staff who are performing daily cycle counts on your product, with a full count twice a year.

Managing your inventory is a key part of a52 taking on the Omni-Fulfillment for your brand so that you can focus on growing your business.