Our Story

Our founders began their journey in 1993, partnering with brands to help advance them in the global marketplace. Over the years they have both owned and distributed various brands which allowed them to gain a detailed understanding of what it took to grow a business, not just in terms of sales and marketing, but supply-chain logistics as well.

In 2007, a52 Fulfillment emerged as a critical solution within the world of omni-channel fulfillment. Our clear objective became to further connect our clients to their end-consumers through both brick and mortar retail and e-commerce channels.

As the landscape evolves, so has a52 through our continued passion for providing seamless and stress-free Omni-Fulfillment to our clients.

At the start of 2016, a52 further expanded its services through partnering with THE LENTON GROUP, a global premium logistics leader with a key presence in 25 countries across six continents offering International Gateway operation, distribution, fulfillment, and final delivery solutions.

As we move further into this century, a52 continues to develop and provide a premium Omni-Fulfillment service by being tailored, integrated and transparent with our clients

Core Values

The fundamentals of how we operate. We believe in always doing the right thing for our client, team and company. We adapt to changing times and create solutions for new challenges. We over-deliver on our promises each and every day. We value the communities we work in locally, nationally, and globally. And most importantly, we stay grounded and have a sense of fun and family.

Facilities and Partners

We expect the utmost premium service from ourselves and would expect nothing else from our partners. From our flagship facility in Vancouver Canada to our facilities across six continents, as well as all our transportation and retail partners in between, we’ve got the world of Omni-Channel covered.