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Our Global Distribution and Transport Network

The key element of being a leader in the world of Supply-Chain is facilities and partners to execute your brand experience. From our facilities around the world to our transportation partners that connect them, we are pleased to offer our clients a52’s global network of premium Omni-Fulfillment.

Global Hubs

At the start of 2016, a52 expanded its services through partnering with THE LENTON GROUP, a global premium logistics leader with a key presence in 25 countries across six continents offering International Gateway operation, distribution, fulfillment and final delivery solutions.

Network Hubs



Transportation Partners

The transportation companies we partner with are all leaders in the industry and our relationships with them have been built over decades:




Retail Partners

Our relationships with retailers extends across thousands of storefronts across the world. We are proud to support our partners in growing their business with industry leaders such as: