This Order Needs to Ship Today – No Worries at A52

If you work in the apparel or footwear industry, then you have heard, read, or uttered, “This order needs to ship today.” For a 3rd party logistics company like A52, it’s a phrase we encounter every day and it means one thing: a priority order.

Even though these priority orders can add logistical pressure to the warehouse, A52 understands the importance of them and is committed to getting them processed and shipped the same day they are sent to us, free of any additional surcharge to our client. We do set some parameters to this service but we believe in over delivering so we’ll always try our best to meet and surpass your needs. While A52 has the processes in place to get a priority order picked and packed, it’s through our integral partnerships with carriers that allow us to get them shipped as quickly as possible. Also, our carriers can usually have a shipment delivered anywhere in the nation next day and in this industry, it more often than not needs to be.

Whether a brand is young and growing or established and stable, they will always have priority orders. While tending not to be the largest in dollar value, they are usually the most important for a brand as they could mean pleasing an important customer sooner or developing a potential business relationship quicker. So when the phrase, “This order needs to ship today.” comes up, A52’s reply will always strive to be, “No problem.”

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