The Importance of Quality Control Inspections in Omni-Channel Fulfillment

At a52 Fulfillment, we understand that quality control inspections play a huge roll in omni-channel fulfillment . Without quality control inspections, some fulfillment centers will end up playing the blame game when a customer does not get what they ordered. That is why we do our best to fully understand the importance of quality control inspections in omni-channel fulfillment , so that we can ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality service available.

Quality Control Inspections When Shipments Arrive

Quality control inspections are extremely important, especially when we first receive shipments of product from a manufacturer to store at our warehouse. Doing an initial quality control inspection on new product shipments allows our team to make sure that none of the product is damaged upon arrival. During this process, our team does a careful inspection of each shipment, using a quality control checklist. Any product that does not meet these standards is pulled from inventory and recorded as a rejected item, so that the manufacturer can identify and fix any manufacturing problems.

Inventory Management

One of the key aspects of any fulfillment center’s quality control is inventory management . As inventory is depleted, the inventory management system must be able to provide orders for restocking in a timely manner. This means that there needs to be strong communication between the fulfillment center and the manufacturers. This can only be accomplished if the fulfillment center has a comprehensive inventory program that incorporates mobile scanners and practical warehouse management software.

Quality Control Inspections When Shipments Leave

At a52 Fulfillment, we always check any customer’s shipments to ensure that they will receive the right item and the right number of items, as well as checking to make sure that the items they ordered look and function they way that they are supposed to. This ensures that the customer is receiving exactly what they ordered. Quality control inspections have cut down on customer complaints and returns, and they also save companies money, as returns are expensive.

What Quality Control Inspections Can Do For You

Having an ongoing, professional quality control system in place allows a fulfillment center to hold up its promise of customer satisfaction. Just as a company needs to stand behind their products, a fulfillment center needs to stand behind the proficiency of the pick and pack supply chain. At a52 Fulfillment, we stand behind our ability to accurately fulfill and manage your inventory. Our quality control inspections offer true visibility, with real-time reporting on your inventory at every stage of your brand’s operation.

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