Reverse Logistics at A52

Reverse logistics is a core specialty at A52 Warehouse. Simply stated, reverse logistics refers to returns and the handling of defective products.

Returns processing are a necessary but often annoying process for brands. A52’s reverse logistics process can help eliminate those headaches.

We have a dedicated returns department, with staff trained to meet the inspection standards of each brand. We care about your brand, and keep an eye on your product from the moment it is received and scanned into the warehouse to the moment it is shipped out and delivered to the retailer.

Depending on the type of return, we can inspect product, return it to stock, return it to the retailer, return it to the brand, and photograph and document any defect for further analysis. We can help your brand ensure that a retailer is not making fraudulent claims, and also help you get credit back from the manufacturers if it is determined that the defect was caused by them.

In addition to handling returns, we can also help by identifying defects before they arrive at retailers. For example, if we notice 20 t-shirts with a consistent stain, we will photograph the defect and consult you for further processing instructions. This can be done quickly and before we ship your product, sparing you the embarrassment of a large-scale defect and the hassle of dealing with such a return.

We are ready to help you with your Canadian warehousing and third party logistic needs with exceptional service and care. 100% visibility 100% of the time.

Please check out our website or call us at 1.866.966.0252 for more information.