How Brand Coordinators Work For You?

We’ve all had the experience of contacting a customer service department and being greeted with an agent reading a script, or even worse a robot.

At A52, we’ve taken a different path. We provide a premium service by having a dedicated Brand Coordinator who is in place to ensure that the partnership between the brand and warehouse remains steadfast.

Rather than a team of individuals creating confusing or inefficient communication, the Brand Coordinator at A52 is the client’s one point of contact. Brand Coordinators act as an extension of the brand, monitoring brand specific warehouse operations and managing any special requests or projects the brand may have. Alternatively, if A52 meets an impasse on an issue that could affect the brand, the Brand Coordinator works with the brand to find a resolution and acts on the brand’s behalf.

I’ve been a Brand Coordinator at A52 since August 2010, and the importance of this position has developed with A52’s growth. The role is rarely monotonous and provides daily challenges that allow me to utilize my knowledge of the industry in order to provide effective solutions for my clients.

One of my early goals was to work with my contacts at our brands in hope that the relationship would grow beyond “service-provider and client” into a partnership that’s success is symbiotic for both parties. Having just passed a few years mark in this role, I certainly believe I’ve succeeded with that particular goal.