Fulfillment at A52

Fulfillment is one of the cornerstones of what we do at A52 Warehouse.

For us, fulfillment includes receiving, picking, and packing apparel, footwear, and accessories.

We have the ability to execute high volume month end crunches, working with our clients to project and plan for high volumes throughout the year, ensuring that our warehouse is always sufficiently staffed and ready.

Throughout the entire fulfillment process, we give you 100 percent visibility, 100 percent of the time, meaning you can see exactly where your product is in our warehouse from the moment it’s scanned in until the moment it’s scanned out. Additionally, every month we send each of our clients a report card, demonstrating the speed with which we are turning around their products as well as the inventory accuracy.

One way we have helped our clients in the fulfillment process (especially smaller brands) is by helping them become UPC compliant. UPC compliance means meeting or complying with the bar code labeling guidelines set down by a customer. These standards help monitor inventory, assist replenishment, minimizes distribution time, and allows for product trace-ability. Being UPC compliant will not only allow you to sell your product in larger retail stores, it will give your product a more professional look and add accuracy and speed to your goods as they move through the warehouse. The bottom line is to get the right product to the right place in the shortest possible time. A52’s team will gladly help you in the UPC compliance process; from providing you the contact information to setting it up completely for you.

We are ready to help you with your warehousing or third party logistic needs with exceptional service and care.

Please check out our website or contact us at 1-866-966-0252 for more information.