Building Our Culture to do What’s Right For You.

Being recognized for a job well done is great, but when it comes from a colleague, it’s particularly resonant. At A52 we understand the importance of peer recognition and encourage it through our Stop Card program.

The Stop Card program is straight forward. When an employee notices another team-member making the extra effort on a task or taking on something outside of their purview they take one of our Stop-Cards and jot down the other employee’s name and what they did. They list our core values and allow for employees to select the ideals the receiver has best represented. The recognition could be for something as simple as picking up a piece of a trash or impressive as providing a solution to a difficult problem. They then take the Stop-Card and post it the bulletin board in the main office for all to see.

From where I sit I see the board populated with many Stop Cards each month. I usually find myself standing before the board once a week, reviewing some of what is posted. A variety of team-members and departments are usually represented on the board, each showing their dedication to the company and our customers through helpful action. It’s through that collective commitment to a positive culture that we hope to not only advance as a team and company but as people as well.