Branded Packaging Solutions

As online shopping continues to dominate the retail mix, many top brands are learning to adapt and have begun to shift their attention towards branded packaging solutions as an impactful way to personalize packaging for customers. The fulfillment professionals at a52 Fulfillment have helped many brands customize their packaging standards to incorporate specialized packing slips, invoices and other forms of documentation and packaging. This allows retailers new opportunities to positively impact customers with great branding. Learn more about how to enhance your brand with personalized branded packaging solutions.

Customized shipping boxes

There are many different ways for brands to enhance personalized packaging with customized shipping boxes. Boxes can be designed to include company logos, slogans, colour schemes and more. There already exists a high level of excitement when customers receive packages in the mail. This level of excitement is an opportunity for brands to tap into. By incorporating customized branding onto shipping boxes, brands can create an even more memorable experience for customers. Talk to the team at a52 Fulfillment today about adding customized shipping boxes to your retail mix.

Customized shipping tape

Customized shipping tape works well when combined with customized shipping boxes to enhance the overall customer experience. Although shipping tape does not allow for the same range of customization when compared to shipping boxes, it can still be designed to include logos, custom messaging and colours. Custom shipping tape is a great way to portray more value in your products to your customers. It lets customers know that your brand is committed to quality and a high attention to detail.

Customized documentation including packing slips and invoices

Customized shipping boxes and tape are compelling means to amplify customer experience across the outside of packaging but brands should also pay attention to what is on the inside of the packaging. Custom packing slips and custom invoices are a great way to further boost the perceived value in each shipment. The more ways in which customers can be impacted by your branding, the better. Custom packing slips and invoices are an affordable solution that helps boost brand awareness and brand recall.

To learn more about how to enhance your brand with personalized packaging solutions, please contact a52 Fulfillment toll free at 866-966-0252 or submit an inquiry form on our website. At a52, we provide customers with various omni-channel marketing solutions including technology integration, freight management, reverse logistics and inventory control. Call today to learn more about how we can help simplify your brand’s omni-channel needs.